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How to create a Color Wheel


This post includes How-To videos that I use when I'm teaching beginner undergraduate Graphic Design students about Color. The Illustrator Color Wheel uses the HSB color mode and Live Paint Bucket tool. The Photoshop Color Wheel uses an RGB additive technique the brush tool. Enjoy! Happy Designing!

Where is the Control Center on my iPhone?


Today, I was trying to follow instructions from Apple on how to Screen Record on my iPhone. The instructions said to open my Control Center. I didn't know what Apple considers my Control Center. In case this is you too, here's a quick description and instructions for customizing and accessing your iPhone's Control Center.

How to Search Adobe PhotoShop Layers


Ever had a PhotoShop file with many, many layers and wished there was an easy way to find the named layer you're looking for? Well, there is! Adobe Photoshop allows you to search for layers by name, search for layers by kind, search for layers by effect, search for layers by mode, search for layers by attribute, search for layers by color, search for layers by smart object, search for layers by...

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