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Power-user tips for Prezi Design creators


Recently, I've been working on a client project using Prezi Design. As a longtime Adobe design product user, there are a surprising number of features I miss not having in Prezi's online interface; however, overall, Prezi Design does provide the functionality best suited to the project. This post includes a few tips for power-users, as well as a discussion on some of Prezi Design's limitations.

Machform – PHP Form Builder


I started using Machform for my static HTML websites back in 2010. Then, as it is today, Machform is a simple, self-hosted form solution that JUST works and has an affordable one-time license fee. Here are some tricks I've learned and still use to help recover "lost" content quickly.

Threading Text in InDesign


Threading text frames link multiple text frames, so the text flows from box to box. In the case of multiple-page documents, especially long books, changing the order of pages can become complicated. A helpful trick is to turn on Show Text Threads so that you can see how your text boxes are connected page-to-page. Here's how to do it.

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