Open a PSDT file on your Mac in Photoshop every time


A PSDT file is a Photoshop Template file. On my Mac, double-clicking this file would not open the template file in Photoshop, instead I’d be prompted to choose an application AND Photoshop wasn’t even an option.

Here’s how to quickly configure your Mac to automatically recognize the PSDT file type as a Photoshop document.

Alright, this is a quick trick for designers

who download templates or

make templates. So by default on my Mac,

it does not know what this PSDT for Photoshop documents

template is. So if I double click it,

it just tells me there is no application.

Alright, so you can right click, control click on a Mac.

Say: Get Info. This is going to pull up a info

panel and you can say open with and choose

Adobe Photoshop.

Say add and use this

application to open all documents like this one.

Change all. Are you sure you want to change?

Change all similar documents to open with the application Adobe Photoshop 2024

app. The answer is yes.

say continue. And now it

should open right in Photoshop.

So that’s the trick. Enjoy.

Happy Photoshopping!

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