My tech recommendations


As a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur, I use tech and online services daily; here are my favorite apps and services.

*Many links below are affiliate links to products, and I may receive a commission or credits for purchases made through these links.

Remote Work


Remotely accessing your computer is especially important for solopreneurs who primarily work on iMacs or desktop computers, not laptops. I write about the options and my current top choice, SplashTop, in my article, “AFFORDABLE REMOTE DESKTOP OPTIONS FOR SOLOPRENEURS.”

Domain Names

Name Silo*

The cheap domain purchase and renewal prices make this one a no-brainer; plus, all the DNS, forwarding, and other services you might need come free with your domain purchase. I write about my experience with Name Silo in the post, “WHERE’S THE BEST PLACE TO PURCHASE A NEW DOMAIN NAME?


Google Workspace (Gmail)

I’ve been using Gmail for at least 17 years, and there’s no going back for me. I BY FAR, prefer Google Workspace for work over Microsoft Outlook. Try it out with this Google Workspace affiliate link.

Writing Assistant

Grammarly (Premium)

Grammarly is a writing assistant that checks my writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and helps improve my vocabulary usage. I’ve been using Grammarly for over 157 weeks and can attest that my writing is improved. I primarily use Grammarly to improve my blog writing and emails.

Password Management


I’ve used 1Password for well over a decade and love it. I have almost 1600 entries and use this app dozens of times daily! By far, this password app is the best money and best productivity tool in my tool belt. I even shared 1Password as the “Best Money I Ever Spent” in a Real Simple magazine article.


Digital Ocean

Use my Digital Ocean affiliate link to receive a $200, 60-day credit to try Digital Ocean products.


Hosting and Plugin Suite

If you’re looking for fantastic customer service for anything on your WordPress site and free WordPress site migrations, then WPMU Dev Hosting is the WordPress hosting provider for you. Their customer service has impressed me repeatedly, and hosting pricing is reasonable. Their plugin suite has excellent features, and I use it on some sites, but I’m not over the moon about the plugin suite.


Sometimes a project’s budget or scope is best suited to purchasing a WordPress theme. I’ve been happy with the quality of WPZOOM themes.

Exercise App

Every Mother

Every Mother is a clever web app that provides quick workouts, 10-15 minutes each, for every stage of motherhood and is clinically proven to resolve Diastasis Recti. I started the program while I was pregnant to help prevent and resolve my Diastasis Recti.

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