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HTACCESS 301 redirect for a URL with spaces (%20) in the slug


While exploring my Google Analytics, I saw a URL that users were landing on that doesn't exist. The URL is a typo, and the page shows a 404 error. Interestingly though, the offending URL includes spaces in the slug. Space is shown as %20 in a URL address. To ensure users get to where they intend to be, I set up a 301 Redirect for the incorrect URL. Here's how to create .htaccess redirects for...

Enable SVG in WordPress Media Library using a function


The WordPress Media Library does not permit uploading SVG file types by default. Trying to upload an SVG file to the WordPress Media Library displays a warning reading, "Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons." To change the functionality of your site and to permit SVG upload, you'll need to update your theme or child theme's function.php with this code.

How do I turn on Mac’s dark mode?


Enabling the dark mode appearance on your Apple computer is a setting found in system preferences. For operating systems macOS 10.14 (Mojave and later) the setting is system-wide. The Mac system-wide dark mode setting controls the look of your Chrome browser, too. The dark theme look for Macs is easy to turn on; it only takes three steps.

How to fix a broken animated gif in WordPress Gutenberg


Animated gifs are image files that loop, almost like a video. You place animated gifs, which have a file extension of .gif, as images in WordPress's block editor. Sometimes, however, your animated gif displays only as a single image. In this case, the animation and looping are not working. This animated gif error can be frustrating, but the WordPress fix for this error is straightforward.

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