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The Best Money I Ever Spent — Real Simple magazine

Discover the life-changing purchase (affordable, too!) Kelly uses multiple times a day in this article by Brandi Broxson. Hint! Hint! It’s 1Password!

In Top 5 Best Full Stack Developer Blogs and Websites is thrilled to be recognized by FeedSpot as one of the top 5 best full-stack development blogs and websites.

Business Owner Roundup: What Mobile App Helps Your Business the Most? — Spectrum Business Insights

Kelly praises her most used business app, 1Password, as a must-have for password management.

How Do You Stay Organized As A Freelancer? — Experts Explain — Good Freelancing

Kelly shares how she stays organized as a professional freelancer. Spoiler alert: she can’t live without Evernote and 1Password. Read the full article written by Dan Agbo to learn why these online tools are indispensable and many other tools that professional freelancers love.

40+ Startup Founders Talk About Spending $10,000 Of Equity Free Funding — .Tech Domains

Kelly shares her vision for bringing several new software-oriented ideas to life and spending 10K of equity-free funding for expert code review. The article is written by Rebecca Scott.

What does it mean to optimize a law firm’s website for mobile? — Webrageous Blog

Kelly gives her opinion on what it means to optimize a law firm’s website for mobile.

65+ Entrepreneurs Share How They Came up With Business Ideas for Their Online Stores — .Store Blog

Kelly shares the origin story for her kids’ blog and product brand, Arts and Bricks, in this article written by Tasmiya Sayed

How do you tap into Google Maps to generate leads for a law firm? — Webrageous Blog

Kelly contributes best practice tips for optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing, specifically catered towards law firm website optimization but relevant to all local business listings.

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