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Make a repeated outline in PhotoShop – Pop Art Design Effect


I always enjoy Adobe's PhotoShop Freebies emails. The emails often come with downloads for filters and effects and short tutorials. This week, I spent a few minutes following the Outline it, repeat, and make it pop in Photoshop: 1-minute tutorial. Here's my take on the multiple outlined effect and a few additional tips that might help you make this Pop Art Photoshop Effect.

How to download a copy of a website


As a web designer, there have been many times in my career when I need to grab a copy of a website and share the files or save the files to my local machine. Often, this is part of an archiving process, especially when a site is undergoing a significant redesign or moving platforms. Learn more about the apps I use for archiving and downloading copies of live websites.

What is an AVIF file, and how to open it?


While cleaning up my Mac's desktop, I recently noticed a file name and extension that I didn't recognize. The thumbnail didn't register on my Apple Mac, and the name and the extension .AVIF weren't jogging my memory. Are you in this situation too? Then read on to learn how to quickly view this file type and convert it to your preferred image file type.

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