Where’s the best place to purchase a new domain name?


I’m a web designer and developer, so securing domain names for clients is often part of the job. There are many sites to purchase and renew domains from; however, my favorite, by far, is Name Silo, and here’s why.

Why is NameSilo.com my favorite place to register domain names?

First, the price is $13.95.

In recent years, Name Silo’s prices have increased. In 2023, purchases and renewals were still under $11 each; last I checked, they were $13.95. That’s a great price compared to more heavily advertised “cheap domain” registrars like GoDaddy or NameCheap. GoDaddy prices, after any initial promos, renew at $19.99 a year, and NameCheap domains renew at $13.98.

As a bonus, transfers are under $10 each, and Name Silo adds a 1-year extension to your renewal date for FREE.

Best Domain Prices for Domain Transfers: As a bonus, transfers are under $10 each, and Name Silo adds a 1-year extension to your renewal date for FREE.

Second, the extras.

Name Silo has all the controls you need to do anything with your domain name, and they’re mostly all FREE. This is especially helpful if you’re creating a domain redirect, perhaps because of a corporate name change or a common spelling typo. Many companies charge additional fees for this simple service.

So, what domain name idea do you have?

Search and purchase today from NameSilo.com

Need to learn the basics of domain names and redirects? I have a post about that!

Don’t forget to auto-renew your domain name with an active credit card

A mistake that many small business owners make is accidentally losing their company’s domain name. This often happens because auto-renewals are turned off, or more often than not, the credit card in the auto-renewal system expires or is closed.

Some companies are now offering an extra product to prevent this type of accidental domain loss. For instance, Bluehost has a product called “Domain Expiration Protection.” For about $10, this service keeps your domain safe for up to one year if Bluehost cannot charge your credit or you do not renew on time.

Bluehost Domain Expiration Protection Offering: turn on domain expiration protection to keep your domain safe for up to one year if we cannot charge your credit card or you are unable to renew on time.
Bluehost’s Domain Expiration Protection offering.

Happy Learning!

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