Combat cart abandonment with this simple web browser strategy


E-commerce stores focus on decreasing cart abandonments because that’s how profits are made! One technique to combat cart abandonment is to use the HTML page title as a flashing visual to re-grab the attention of a distracted shopper.

Tab Abandonment E-commerce Examples

Lands’ End is an example of a large e-commerce site utilizing a flashing HTML title change on their shopping cart pages.

The browser tab title rotates between showing “Don’t forget your items!” and the titles of the items in your cart.

How to implement a blinking browser tab on popular e-commerce platforms

Did you know that eCommerce brands lose $18 Billion in yearly sales revenue from abandoned carts? (source: Forester Research)

Making your shopping cart browser tab Page Title change (or flash) to remind customers of an abandoned cart is a relatively simple and effective technique to improve cart abandonment rates on e-commerce sites. You can use several tools to initiate a browser tab abandonment campaign. Here’s a growing list of Tab Abandonment resources to explore.

CartStack Tab Abandonment

CartStack is a third-party tool that integrates with your e-commerce site and uses multichannel messaging to recover abandoned carts. The tool kit includes a browser tab text feature with sound effects. The Browser Tab Text and Sound Effect will trigger two minutes after a customer interacts with and navigates off your site. Upon clicking back to your site, the Browser Tab text will revert to your site’s default text.

Shopify Blinking Tabs

If you use Shopify as your e-commerce platform, there is a FREE Plugin called Inactive Browser Tab and Favicon.

Below is a video example of a Shopify website using a blinking browser tab.

The browser tab’s title scrolls, “Don’t forget this…”

Woocommerce Blinking Tabs

If your e-commerce site is on WordPress, Woocommerce has a paid plugin called Browser Tab Notifications for WordPress; it’s currently $29 a year. You can also write your snippets. WPBeginner has a helpful tutorial: “How to easily add browser tab notifications in WordPress.”

Abandoned Carts on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is helping with re-engaging shoppers, too. Learn about the Chrome Browser’s abandoned cart cards.

Happy Online Selling!

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