How to use a grid for alignment in PhotoShop


This post answers the question, “How to make a grid in Photoshop?” and demonstrates three ways to create grids in Photoshop.

Watch how to make grids in Photoshop

Option 1: How to turn on the visibility of PhotoShop’s grid

A simple way to turn on Photoshop’s default grid is to go to View > Show > Grid.

You can adjust the settings by opening the Properties Window and looking at the Rulers & Grids area.

Option 2: How to build your own grid in PhotoShop using Photoshop grid lines or guides

Using Rulers, you can manually drag guides onto your artboard. Using View > New Guide, you can specify precisely where you want a new guide placed on the X and Y axis.

Option 3: How to build a grid using the “New Guide Layout” option in PhotoShop

The New Guide Layout window allows you to select the number of columns and rows you want generated in Photoshop. Instead of creating or drawing grids manually, Photoshop can create a grid for you, and then you can adjust the width, height, gutter, and more. Make sure to tick your “Preview” checkbox so you can view the guide as you build it.

Access the New Guide Layout option by selecting View > New Guide Layout.

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