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We get work done through apps; here are ways to be most productive using my favorite apps for web design, programming, design, and work.

Upscale and Enlarge Images Online with AI


As a designer, using high-resolution images for print designs is crucial. As an Adobe Creative Suite user, I've traditionally used PhotoShop to enlarge images or change resolution settings (DPI—dots per inch). Enlargements are one area where I find using AI practical, helpful, and time-saving in my design workflow.

Power-user tips for Prezi Design creators


Recently, I've been working on a client project using Prezi Design. As a longtime Adobe design product user, there are a surprising number of features I miss not having in Prezi's online interface; however, overall, Prezi Design does provide the functionality best suited to the project. This post includes a few tips for power-users, as well as a discussion on some of Prezi Design's limitations.

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