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We get work done through apps; here are ways to be most productive using my favorite apps for web design, programming, design, and work.

Power-user tips for Prezi Design creators


Recently, I've been working on a client project using Prezi Design. As a longtime Adobe design product user, there are a surprising number of features I miss not having in Prezi's online interface; however, overall, Prezi Design does provide the functionality best suited to the project. This post includes a few tips for power-users, as well as a discussion on some of Prezi Design's limitations.

How to download a copy of a website


As a web designer, there have been many times in my career when I need to grab a copy of a website and share the files or save the files to my local machine. Often, this is part of an archiving process, especially when a site is undergoing a significant redesign or moving platforms. Learn more about the apps I use for archiving and downloading copies of live websites.

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