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We get work done through apps; here are ways to be most productive using my favorite apps for web design, programming, design, and work.

How do I turn on Mac’s dark mode?


Enabling the dark mode appearance on your Apple computer is a setting found in system preferences. For operating systems macOS 10.14 (Mojave and later) the setting is system-wide. The Mac system-wide dark mode setting controls the look of your Chrome browser, too. The dark theme look for Macs is easy to turn on; it only takes three steps.

How to save an Adobe Premiere project to a movable folder


Saving an Adobe Premiere video project to a movable folder is important when you want to share your video project with another team member or when you simply want to safely archive your project. Losing connections between attached and link project assets is a common problem for designers working in Adobe Premiere. This is also a risk when sharing and archiving your Adobe Premiere video project...

Fixing Mobile Usability Issues detected from Google Search Console


If you've registered your website with Google Search Console, then periodically you may receive emails notifying you when Mobile Usability issues have been detected. A notification may look similar to the screenshot below. They often highlight common errors such as "Text too small to read," "Clickable elements too close together," or "Content wider than screen."

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