Meet Kelly


Hello, world. My name is Kelly Barkhurst. I’m an experienced, Mac-based, full-stack designer and the author of this blog.

Designer to Full Stack is the platform where I share insights into my day-to-day professional activities. I’m an educator with a BFA and MFA in Graphic Design and a certificate in full-stack web development. I teach clients, instruct college students at West Virginia University (for fun 🎉), and offer online learning through my website and YouTube. My posts cover a wide range of topics, from technical coding and programming to graphic design tutorials and tips, as well as my favorite online tools, visual inspirations, and design patterns.

My Company

Barkhurst Creative provides web development and design, graphic design, digital marketing, and printing services to commercial, non-profit, and government clients. During my 13+ years in business, I’ve worked closely with 100+ clients to meet their distinct industry needs. My superpower is using design thinking to plan the BIG picture strategically and then technically get into the weeds to implement the strategy with writing, design, and code.

Arts and Bricks

Barkhurst Creative’s newest brand, Arts and Bricks, is my creative outlet for embracing my family’s love of Art and LEGO bricks. It’s also my first personal e-commerce endeavor, selling direct to consumers. Arts and Bricks designs and prints window and wall decals designed from children’s artwork and brick-built creations (MOCs). Check them out, and better yet, 🎁 gift these unique products to the creative kiddos in your life!

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