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From CSS to frameworks and design mockups to code, these are posts that span the gamut of Kelly’s day-to-day work as a web designer and developer.

Reasons to create a domain redirect


Well-designed user experiences work behind the scenes, with the design details often going unnoticed by the end user. Domain redirects can be essential to customer satisfaction and positively reinforce a good user experience. Here are scenarios where this plays out.

Lottie Animations and Webflow


While designing and building my first Webflow website, I ran into the issue that the Lottie files I created and exported using Bodymovin and LottieFiles from within Adobe After Effects included a blank last frame. This meant that looping was not smooth, and the animation became blank after playing. These two solutions worked for me.

How do I learn the basics of web design?


Recently a client asked me if I had any recommendations for resources, classes, or tips for how to learn the basics of web design. This particular client is an employee of a company utilizing HubSpot for their blog. She is tasked with making landing pages and updating blog posts in HubSpot and is eager to learn more about websites and code. If this sounds like you, then you'll enjoy these...

Add a “How did you hear about us” question to your Shopify store


Today, I was working on adding the question "How did you hear about us" to a client's Shopify store. Fortunately, Shopify has a great document with how-to-steps "Ask how customers heard about your store." This Shopify document walks you through how to add a snippet to your code base, include the snippet in your cart, update configurations, make the form a required element, and add this customer...

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