Alpine.js < template > and x-if or x-if ! (not)


How to use x-if and x-if “not” syntax in Alpine.js I was recently working on a file where I wanted to use an if statement and an if not statement. This is the Alpine.js syntax that worked for me. To note, Alpine.js docs state that “x-if must be declared on a <template> tag.”  My code snippet below was used for a form on a website that uses...

Troubleshooting Mailgun integration with Statamic V3


On my live Statamic production site, I was having trouble making MailGun work for sending emails. Perhaps the extra steps I followed will help someone else who gets stuck, too. My Statamic V3 set-up is as follows: PEAK (Statamic starter kit) MailGunDigital Ocean DropletLaravel ForgeGit Hub repository Mail settings are configured in Environment Files In my case, the production site’s...

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