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A popular social media post type is the carousel. Carousels are quite easy to create on Facebook and Instagram but not as easy on LinkedIn.

How to create a carousel post on LinkedIn

Learn how to create the carousel post on LinkedIn. It takes a few extra steps to create carousels on LinkedIn, and this is a barrier that makes the carousel post type underutilized. That means the carousel post type is an opportunity for you!

First, remember that LinkedIn’s posts are best created as square posts, so a post with a 1:1 ratio is best. Follow LinkedIn’s suggestions to create files at 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Export and create multiple square images into a single PDF. Next, upload the PDF as a document type on LinkedIn.

Design Tip: use an arrow to visually connect your PDF document’s multiple pages/slides/images.

Additional Resources:

Here’s a video on using Canva to create a PDF for use on LinkedIn’s carousel document post type.

Happy LinkedIn Networking!

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