How do I use to search within a website?


Did you know that can be used to help you search for a keyword or phrase within a website?

Yes, it’s true. Google can search and provide results for any single website indexed by Google.

How to search for your phrase, keyword, or term from within a specific website using

It’s very simple to search a single site in Google, you just need to know the proper syntax.

1. In the Google search field, type  

2. Then, add your phrase or search term and click search.

The important syntax in this search query is to start with site and colon (site:).


Make sure to replace “” with the actual website address you are querying. If your search results in an error that reads “did not match any documents” then trying adding or removing the www placed before the domain name. You can also add specificity and narrow down your search results by wrapping the key term with quotes.

You can search any website you like by adding site: before the website url and then adding your search term or phrase.
In this Google site search, we’re searching the website for the keyword “lego”. You’ll see there are 439 page results that include the word “LEGO.”
An example of how to use to query a single web site.
In this Google site search, we’re searching the website for the term “design.” There are 123 results that Google provides. Each result is a page on

When is it helpful to use Google’s site search?

  1. When you want to search an entire website
  2. When the website you want to search doesn’t have a search option
  3. When the website you want to search provides search, but the search feature doesen’t work very well or only queries a limited amount of content
  4. When you want to see what pages are indexed for a certain domain name but you don’t “own” the website and therefore can’t use Google Search Console (In this case simply type “” and omit the search term)
  5. Research. Google’s search engine is powerful and can help you find what you’re looking for across the web or on a single site.

Did you know you can use Google’s search bar to query a single specific website extension, such as just government sites ending with .gov?

You can use the search syntax site: in Google to search by specific website extensions. An extension might be .com, .gov, .edu or .co.

If you wanted to learn about the child tax credit and wanted to narrow your search results to just government sites then you would enter child tax credit 

into the Google search bar. All search results will be pages that live on .gov websites, such as and

Use Google's site search functionality to filter results to same type of website extension, like .gov webpage results.

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I recently found this article by FastCompany, “4 Google Tricks to take your searches to the next level” which includes site search and also a few other Google search tips.

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