What are the URLs of default Woocommerce pages?


The popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, Woocommerce, creates four default pages on your site.

I recently needed to know these URLs in order to block Google Ads from being served on my Woocommerce shop pages. It took a few minutes to figure out what pages I needed to add to the Google Ad Exclude list, so I created this list to help someone else in the same situation.

To note, I also excluded all of my product pages; in my case, that URL was mydomainname.com/product/, and I marked it Exclude all pages under this section.

Woocommerce default URLs are listed below.

1. Cart Page

By default, the Woocommerce cart is mydomainname.com/cart

2. Checkout Page

By default, the Woocommerce checkout is mydomainname.com/checkout

3. My Account Page

By default, the Woocommerce account is mydomainname.com/my-account

4. Shop Page

By default, the Woocommerce shop is mydomainname.com/shop

Woocommerce Directories

Especially if you didn’t place your Woocommerce Shop into a unique folder directory, there are other areas of your shop you may want to block from advertisements, too.

1. Product folder

These are the products you have listed on your website. The URL may be example.com/product/

2. Product Tag folder

The Woocommerce Product Tag folder contains pages to each of your product tags. The URL is likely example.com/product-tag

2. Product Category folder

The Woocommerce Product Category folder contains pages for each of your shop categories. The URL to the main folder page is likely example.com/product-category

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Happy Selling!

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