Fast tool for renaming files: lowercase and use dashes (like web slugs)


Today, I found a handy online tool called URL Slug Generator. It takes a string, or in layman’s terms, words and turns them into slugs.

I hate doing repetitive work, so this tool is a great find! Specifically today, this tool will decrease the time it takes me to rename dozens of PDF files to remove capital letters and spaces.

What does “slug form” mean?

In this case, “slug form” means:

  • all words are lowercase; and
  • words are separated by dashes.

Here’s my process:

  1. Copy the file name, in this case: Instrumentation Quick Reference Guide
  2. Copy the generated slug URL form, in this case: instrumentation-quick-reference-guide
  3. Paste the generated slug URL to rename my current PDF file name, in this case, making the file name: instrumentation-quick-reference-guide.pdf

Happy Coding!

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