Making QR codes for PDFs hosted on your WordPress website


Watch a demo of why I use Adobe Express to generate QR codes.

As a designer, I work extensively within the licensed Adobe program universe, but in recent years, Adobe has rolled out free services that anyone can use. Adobe Express’s QR Code generator is one of those free resources that I highly recommend.

Hello, as a designer,

I work extensively within Adobe’s licensed programs,

but recently, they have been rolling out free programs that do not require

licenses. One of those programs that I can highly recommend

is Adobe Express’s Generate QR Code tool.

It’s online and it’s free, and here’s why I like it.

You can put in your URL and easily change styles,

you can add. Add borders, change the center,

choose some of your colors, and what’s really nice is

you can choose, “do I want a PNG, which allows for transparency,

a JPEG which is going to have a white background or an SVG which

is vector. So you can expand that really large, for a billboard,

or maybe an exhibit, or

use it really small on a business card.

The download is free, simple,

and what’s really nice is when you click,

when you use your camera and you go to the file,

there’s no slow redirecting,

it doesn’t advertise Adobe,

it doesn’t say “this user has used a hundred QR code uses

for free.” It’s just a smooth redirect to your actual

page. So I recommend that you try this free service by Adobe

Express to generate your own QR code.

My favorite QR Code Generator

Adobe Express home page screen shot for Free QR code Generator

Alternate QR Code Generators

Alternatively, the WordPress landscape boasts thousands of plugins. There are many QR code plugins you can install and use within the WP dashboard, too.

Happy Designing!

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