Make both www and non-www domains work on Shopify


This post explains how to make your e-commerce store’s www and non-www URLs work in your new Shopify store.

Understanding Subdomains

First, you need to understand that the www version of your domain is a subdomain. So, if your domain name is, then is a subdomain, just like or Anything before the period is a subdomain. For more about subdomains, specifically, read our full post to better understand, “What is a subdomain?

Shopify Domains

To make your new Shopify website reachable by typing in your domain name with and without the www before the domain name, you need to connect two domains. This means that you will have three domains listed in your Domains area of the Shopify Admin panel.

If your domain name is registered externally from Shopify, meaning you purchased it dirctly from a registrar such as, Host Silo, GoDaddy, etc., (not directly from Shopify) then you’ll get started by clicking the “Connect existing domain” button.

Instructions for Connecting your Domain Names

Shopify provides detailed instructions for connecting third-party registered domain names. You’ll need to add your new A, AAAA an CNAME records and allow them to propagate before moving forward.

  • the Shopify IPv4 address
  • the Shopify IPv6 address 2620:0127:f00f:5::
  • the www CNAME record

How to configure the www and non-www versions of your site in the “Domains” area of your Shopify Admin panel

Once your new DNS records are propagated, you’ll connect your domain names in Shopify.

When you connect your existing domain, your domain name without the www will be selected as your Shopify store’s primary domain. You will know it is successfully your store’s primary domain name because it has a blue background icon with the globe in it and the text “Primary for Online Store” under it.

At this time, your default store address ending in will automatically become a redirect to your newly connected domain.

Next, you’ll connect your www version of your domain name. This means you’ll click the button “Connect existing domain” two times and connect your non-www domain name and your www version separately.

In this image, you can see that is the primary domain name. The www version ( redirects to (without the www) and the default version of the site also redirects to

After connection, Shopify will automatically generate your SSL certificate.

SSL pending in Shopify
SSL certificates shown pending in Shopify after connecting existing domains.

Tips: When I went through these steps one of my records stayed with the alert “Needs attention” and I couldn’t get it to verify, even after several days. I solved this issue by double-checking that my DNS was correct and did not include any duplicate records. Then, I deleted my two connected domains and then reconnected them in Shopify. This time, they verified immediately.

Watch Connect Existing Domain in Shopify Video

Alright so this video is to show you how you would connect your existing

domains in Shopify if you have already set up their DNS


So this is a sub domain

Whenever you put in your domain name,

whether you’ve already put your records in at your third party registrar or

not, you can always see what you need to put in by clicking “verify

connection” and the system will automatically show you the IP address and

cname that you need to add.

Alright, so once I add it, it will automatically

put it in here. If I refresh.

You can see that my primary is now the domain name that I’ve added

and the assigned subdomain of my

now redirects to my store.

Now this is just my store,

it is not the www. So I add a second existing domain name.

And this time add in your www.

Verify the connection and it will come

in. So you’ll see now I have the www So

now my potential customers can get to my site and will not receive an

error if they type in the www or not.

Happy Selling!

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