How to draw a path with fill none in Adobe After Effects


Help, how do I draw a path and not a shape in Adobe After Effects?

For beginners in After Effects, sometimes simple tasks are very challenging. Case in point: creating a path with no fill is not completed like in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. However, don’t worry; making a path instead of a shape in Adobe Effects is still simple, but the option is a bit hidden.

After Effects Tutorial: Switch Pen Tool From Shape with Fill to Fill None for a Path with Outline

This short video tutorial shows you how to select a Fill of None for a path or shape in Adobe After Effects.

Additional way to change a shape’s fill in After Effects

You can also use Option-Click on your Mac and click the Fill rectangle. This will cycle you through fill options: solid fill, none, linear gradient, and radial gradient.

Thanks for sharing this tip. Yes, you can cycle through the fill options with this technique, too. On a Mac, with your shape selected, click Option on your keyboard and click the fill box. Each click on the fill box will change it from solid, to linear gradient, to radial gradient to no fill.

If you’re looking for an easy way to find or edit the size of your shape in After Effects, there’s a simple way.

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