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Designer to Fullstack is my place to geek out and to share tech solutions from my day-to-day as a designer, programmer, and business owner (portfolio). I also write on Arts and Bricks, a parenting blog and decal shop that embraces my family’s love of Art and LEGO bricks!

How to add a WordPress code snippet to your header and footer


Inserting a script or piece of code, known as a WordPress code snippet, into the header or footer of your website is a very common request. A WordPress code snippet is a piece of PHP code that you add to your WordPress site to extend the functionality of your site. Many third-party services such as Google, Facebook, and Pinterest ask you to add tracking scripts to your header or footer. You may...

Common SCAM and SPAM Emails


Questionable SPAM emails, contact form submissions, and even unsolicited snail mail letters are often sent to me by my web design clients. I appreciate that my clients see me as a digital expert and reach out to me directly, even for SPAM email questions, however, I also can’t help but think they could easily find out the answer to these questions themselves with a single Google search...

Readability Testing Tools for Webpages and Blog Posts


Bloggers and writers carefully weave their personal creative writing style in addition to SEO best practices and appropriate reading level guidance into their writing. Let’s tackle readability to reach a target Readability Score for a blog post. So, what is a webpage Reading Level Score? A webpage Readability Score is a numerical score that calculates how readable the content of your...

Alpine.js < template > and x-if or x-if ! (not)


How to use x-if and x-if “not” syntax in Alpine.js I was recently working on a file where I wanted to use an if statement and an if not statement. This is the Alpine.js syntax that worked for me. To note, Alpine.js docs state that “x-if must be declared on a <template> tag.”  My code snippet below was used for a form on a website that uses...

Troubleshooting Mailgun integration with Statamic V3


On my live Statamic production site, I was having trouble making MailGun work for sending emails. Perhaps the extra steps I followed will help someone else who gets stuck, too. My Statamic V3 set-up is as follows: PEAK (Statamic starter kit) MailGunDigital Ocean DropletLaravel ForgeGit Hub repository Mail settings are configured in Environment Files In my case, the production site’s...

How do I use to search within a website?


Did you know that can be used to help you search for a keyword or phrase within a website? Yes, it’s true. Google can search and provide results for any single website indexed by Google. How to search for your phrase, keyword, or term from within a specific website using It’s very simple to search a single site in Google, you just need to know the proper syntax...

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