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Designer to Fullstack is my place to geek out and to share tech solutions from my day-to-day as a designer, programmer, and business owner (portfolio). I also write on Arts and Bricks, a parenting blog and decal shop that embraces my family’s love of Art and LEGO bricks!

Alpine.js < template > and x-if or x-if ! (not)


How to use x-if and x-if “not” syntax in Alpine.js I was recently working on a file where I wanted to use an if statement and an if not statement. This is the Alpine.js syntax that worked for me. To note, Alpine.js docs state that “x-if must be declared on a <template> tag.”  My code snippet below was used for a form on a website that uses...

Troubleshooting Mailgun integration with Statamic V3


On my live Statamic production site, I was having trouble making MailGun work for sending emails. Perhaps the extra steps I followed will help someone else who gets stuck, too. My Statamic V3 set-up is as follows: PEAK (Statamic starter kit) MailGunDigital Ocean DropletLaravel ForgeGit Hub repository Mail settings are configured in Environment Files In my case, the production site’s...

How do I use to search within a website?


Did you know that can be used to help you search for a keyword or phrase within a website? Yes, it’s true. Google can search and provide results for any single website indexed by Google. How to search for your phrase, keyword, or term from within a specific website using It’s very simple to search a single site in Google, you just need to know the proper syntax...

Backward EPUB book exported from InDesign


I recently exported an EPUB document from InDesign only to discover that the exported ePUB book displayed backward. Here’s how to fix this technical backward EPUB issue. The exported ebook is over 700 pages and includes dozens of embedded videos and dozens of audio clips. Most importantly, this book requires a fixed layout. I’m an Apple-based designer, so my InDesign exported ebooks...

Fix Adobe Photoshop Red Screen turns completely bright red?


What to do if my screen turns completely bright red in Adobe PhotoShop? Today, while working in Photoshop all of a sudden my artboard turned bright red. Why am I seeing a red screen in Photoshop? I’m still clueless why it happened, but I now know how to fix it. A bit of background on what I DID NOT do to cause this red screen in Photoshop. I did not click to fill my artboard with red.The...

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