Trips and tricks for designers using Adobe InDesign

Threading Text in InDesign


Threading text frames link multiple text frames, so the text flows from box to box. In the case of multiple-page documents, especially long books, changing the order of pages can become complicated. A helpful trick is to turn on Show Text Threads so that you can see how your text boxes are connected page-to-page. Here's how to do it.

Typographer’s Quotes in InDesign


As a designer working in print publications, getting your quote marks correct is imperative for good typography. As a rule of thumb, in your print graphic designs, you always want to use the typographer’s quote, or the curly quote. Here's how to ensure you’re using the right quote marks in Adobe InDesign.

Backward EPUB book exported from InDesign


I recently exported an EPUB document from InDesign only to discover that the exported ePUB book displayed backward. Here’s how to fix this technical backward EPUB issue. The exported ebook is over 700 pages and includes dozens of embedded videos and dozens of audio clips. Most importantly, this book requires a fixed layout. I’m an Apple-based designer, so my InDesign exported ebooks...

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